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I am Peter Corbett of iStrategyLabs. All of my philanthropic efforts have focused on ameliorating the conditions of children in the US and abroad. So naturally, I've been closely following the OLPC Foundation's efforts in anticipation of when I could begin to lend so help to the cause.

I recently met Mr. Negroponte at a Newsweek Executive Forum on technology in education and was immediately inspired to do a fundraiser this holiday season to raise funds to purchase these laptops.

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Justin wooing OLPC supporters

At the same time, as a tech community organizer in DC, I felt that this specific foundation was a perfect philanthropy for us to get behind through our Technoliday Party.

The Give-One-Get one program struck me as an opportunity to satisfy my and our community's desire to both help children abroad and at home. So, instead of one laptop going to children abroad, and one being kept by a US consumer, the second laptop is being donated through Greater DC Cares' network of qualified non-profits.

In this way, our fund raising efforts have not only an international impact (albeit small), but also have a deep affect at home. We raised a total of $2,555.75 and I'll be kicking in some extra to bring us to a total of 14 laptops donated ($2800).

I've ordered all the laptops, 7 of which will be delivered to us in DC hopefully before then end of 2007, while the other 7 are distributed by OLPC. At that point, we'll present them to Greater DC Cares and ask them for a recommendation regarding which DC area organizations would best be served by receiving them.

I would recommend that you too have a OLPC fundraiser. Ours was even covered by the Washington Post.

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The commentator, Kendra Marr, made one important factual error. Or, if she is right, I need to drive up to DC and order another G1G1 PC at the "Washington price."

For every $200 donation, One Laptop per Child sends a laptop to a child in a developing nation and another to the contributor.

Just wanted to be the first to thank you for contributing your time, effort and money. Every bit of giving helps. You never know, that one XO-1 computer may spark the imagination of a child.

With all due respect, it pains me that this post got through the spam filter.



At least it's not from some prime minister of Uganda writing the email...

Oh wait... in OLPC's case, you want a prime minister of one of those countries to write you emails...

So what this picture in the article is really saying is that one little OLPC will make me more likeable, get me invited to swanky DC parties, and make me attractive to girls?

Wow. I can't wait to get mine!

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