Last Chance to Buy an XO-1 Laptop from Eden


You have just a few hours left to buy an XO-1 laptop on eBay that has all the modern, XO-optimized software you could want. Just read the product description below, written by Eden, a long-time OLPC program supporter:

This is a working, gently used, XO laptop purchased during the second "Give One Get One" in 2008. It has the most recent stable version (10.1.3) of its operating system, a customized version of Fedora Linux (which can be seen booting in a photo here and in the screenshot). It has updated firmware (Q2E45). There are several children's activities (software programs) already installed. More can be obtained for free on this page:

I've also put a fresh installation of XOpup 2.1 (Puppy Linux) on a 4GB Transcend class 2 SD card (I know, not very fast, but it works) inserted in the laptop. (See other screenshot.) When you turn this laptop on, if you don't first remove the SD card from the underside of the screen, you'll get XOpup instead of the Fedora installation. This laptop is "unlocked," which means a person can install other operating systems if they wish. See the excellent information at both and

This laptop has a camera, microphone, built-in wifi and mesh networking, and a battery that lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 hours or more, depending on what it's doing. See this page for details on the XO-1 manufactured by Quanta in Taiwan for One Laptop per Child:

This laptop comes with its AC adapter (but not the ruler), also shown in a photo here. For those of you not using American voltage, the adapter can handle 100-240V, 50-60Hz--you'd just need a prong adapter to plug it in the wall.

My experience with this laptop: it's a bit slow at web browsing but it works. The children's activities are fun. Using it for note-taking is great as long as you don't mind the small keyboard. It's reported to be drop-resistant (not tried) and water resistant (also not tried). I've used it briefly as a travel companion for web surfing and blogging, an oversize mp3 player in the car, home file server, a motion-detecting spy camera, and entertainment for young children and adults. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will respond as soon as I can.

I will ship within one business day of the end of the auction or sale. I pack my items carefully for shipping.

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Why would anyone even consider selling such a unique, powerful piece of modern technology?

Hello I would like to know what is the price of the laptop and the way of payment including shipping to mexico city

Hi Gabriela. The ebay page has a way to estimate shipping to other countries. Looks like Mexico is US $36.00. The price depends on the auction.

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