10,000 Give One Get One XO Laptops Going to OLPC Mongolia


While the Give One Get One community in the USA slowly receives the "Get One" side the of XO laptop distribution, the other side, the "Give One" laptops are soon to be on their way to need children according to Walter Bender:

XO-1 laptops in Mongolia!
We are going to be hashing this out to a large degree on Monday. But I do know that we are already preparing 10K machines for Mongolia, 1K each for Haiti, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Cambodia at the factory now.

The initial machines in all cases, as far as I know, are directed to programs with government involvement, but not necessarily government run.

That's great news, especially for Mongolia, a land I've traveled through before.

OLPC Mongolia also happens to have a very rich benefactor in John L. Thornton, who promised to support 20,000 laptops for the country back in October. I wonder if Bender's 10,000 batch is half of that or an extra allotment?

Canada xo delivery

Either way, we have even more good shipping news. XO's are also headed to Canada this weekend according to Walter:

"As of last night (Jan. 9) we have successfully imported all of the Canadian orders into our system (except for the PO boxes.)

We will be shipping out the orders tomorrow and they should pass the border over the weekend, for in country distribution starting Monday."

And just to make every geek in North America happy, Mary Lou Jepsen has predicted that her dual mode screen will be in commercial cellphones and laptops by Christmas 2008.

And with all this good news as my OLPC wedding present, I'm off to get married.

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Have a nice wedding, Wayan! I wish you all the best.

Hey Wayan, give yourself (or maybe Amy) a wedding present and don't post anything this weekend! It's bad enough your honeymoon is going to be an OLPC panel discussion on Tuesday.

How do we participate in the Give One Get One program? I'd like to buy one, especially if another is sent to Mongolia.

Congratulations Wayan. Best of luck.

G1G1 was ended December 31st. I don't think there's anything in the immediate rumor mill about another G1G1 program. Or was there one the for next holiday season? I think you may have to turn to ebay if you want a laptop in any fasionable time.

Wayan and Amy,
Mazel Tov

Congratulations and best wishes to you both. Have a SUPER wedding celebration!

I was just wondering, do you know who Walter is and how would he know the details about the Canadian shipments?

Bryan, I am going to respond to your question about who Walter is as I believe Wayan is going to be busy this weekend. Walter is Walter Bender, the President of OLPC and a leading light of the project, and as such he has been the frontman in providing shipping information on the OLPC Wiki.

Um, Yay Canadian shipments! BOO the fact that I'm going to be away next week... so, someone tell me what to do, please!


So when does this site start to become unbiased towards the news of OLPC?

Everyone knows Intel has a vested interest in seeing OLPC die a horrible death considering the backdoor dealing they were doing, not to mention bankrolling this site through an employee working on a competing project.

I thought news sites were supposed to be objective. Or does that just apply to PROFESSIONAL journalists???

XO laptops in Mongolia already! Check out the full sized image of OLPC joy in the land of Khan: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Image:Mongolia-Day-One.jpg

sb, chuck, SLASHDOT, and others

Purely by coincident, Wayan will be busy this weekend and will be unable to react to these accusations. Maybe I can help out until he can.

Wayan has worked for Geekcorp. And Intel has had a connection to Geekcorp, as it has with almost anyone who has done anything with computers.

However, Wayan has left Geekcorps some time ago. Moreover, Wayan has always supported the OLPC project and is a happy owner of a XO (not exactly what you expect from an Intel employee).

The fact that Wayan differs in his ideas about how the objectives of the OLPC can be best achieved is part of what is called and "informed discussion".

The fact that OLPCnews is also home to a number of people who are NOT there to further an informed discussion or seem to be just ignorant is an unfortunate result of human nature in combination with free speech.

OLPCnews is here to prove that ignorance is a curable condition. The opinions are divided whether a closed mind can be cured, however.

Now we have known from Classical times on that people who get personally involved in trying to create a better world attract a lot of hate. People seem to be able to forgive you when you rob the poor, but not when you try to help them.

As a result, people like Wayan, who try to inform the world as good a they can seem to attract the most hatred of them all. This is no accident. Journalism has become one of the world's more dangerous occupations.

Remember, people can have a different opinion without being hired guns or psychotic.


Where can I find news about Intel's OLPC competing product? Do you have any info on this as it would be a helpful news addition.

Actually, he answered this last April
search for geekcorps

No Wayan, you were not accused of being an Intel agent for criticising the project. You were accused of that because you are the Director of Geekcorps WHICH HAS INTEL AS ITS TECHNOLOGY PARTNER!!!

Shock? Awe? The truth???

Posted by: ... on April 04, 2007

Oh My God! Really? Geekcorps, a nonprofit which tries to stimulate development using technology works with major IT companies to show them how to invest in the developing world? Oh the horror!

Or, my dear ..., the reality: Geekcorps works with _ANY_ IT company willing to think outside the box, be they D-Link, HP, VIA Technologies, Cisco, SEPG, Intel, and yes, even Microsoft. And we're influencing them to be more emerging market sensitive and aware, changing them, not them changing us.

Yet Geekcorps is also on the forefront of FOSS development and implementation, beyond even OLPC in making things happen in extremely remote environments. Check out the FOSS Moulin:

But of course reading the full Geekcorps website http://www.geekcorps.org would destroy your fragile conspiracy theories based on one small reference.

So, please, continue to think that this site is too impressive, informative, and influential to be built by a loose association of writers and commenters. And that is the enduring proof that I am in the blogging big leagues and you are not.

Posted by: Wayan on April 04, 2007

Irrespective of all the who-works-for-whom-doing-what discussion OLPCNews.com content was one of the reasons I chose to donate to G1G1. The site has helped me through some questions with my XO and has improved my perception of the program in general.

If the behind-the-scenes plan was to bash the OLPC and sell some Intel Classmates it didn't work in my case.

I stumbled on your web site because of all the recent press. I suppose I should give a big 'thank you' to the Internet's conspiracy theorists for creating all this hype because I wouldn't have found your blog otherwise. I'm glad to see that there's another side to all the narcissism of Negroponte.

By the way, judging by your wedding photos, I'd say you're a really lucky man and I truly couldn't be happier for you. Heck, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that that point alone is what's secretly digging into craw of all the haters. It sure must "suck" to be working a for a successful company, have a worldwide publicized blog, and a really gorgeous wife. [grin]

It's also nice to see that your ATOM XML file isn't a partial feed. In any case, consider your blog as permanent fixture in my Smartphone's RSS Reader and OPML file.

Here it is:
http://www.laptopgiving.org/en/index.php (Buy 1, Give 1)

Unfortunately, it seems to have ended. It is unclear.

OLPC Mongolia is off to a running start!

Mongolia is the first beneficiary of the Give One Get One program.
Laptops have begun to arrive and a team from OLPC, including Carla
Gomez Monroy, Jan Jungclaus, and Enkhmunkh Zurgaanjin are on the
ground to help with the initial deployment. Dave Woodhouse will be
heading to Ulan Bator to help with the School Server later this month.


Is there a figure on the number of laptops Canada has contributed to the OLPC initiative? I’m just one curious Canuck.

OLPCs are in Canada. We ordered 2 on day 2 and they arrived yesterday. Kids are excited...

Did you receive a tracking e-mail prior to your laptop delivery? I've received nothing, and I'm a little worried as we are moving at the end of the month. We're in Toronto.

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