OLPC Launches New Give Many: 100-1,000 XO Laptops


One Laptop Per Child has revamped its troubled Give Many program. Gone is the vague promise, often unfulfilled, to ship out XO's to needy lands, and in its place is what looks to be an easy and clear process:

olpc xo sales
Give Many XO Laptops today!
  1. Designate the school or deployment of your choice
  2. Donate 100 to 1,000 XO laptops at $259 each
  3. Get increased levels of OLPC participation and support

OLPC is even offering to co-sponsor donations to select countries. Donations to the 50 Least Developed Countries (LDCs), and to OLPC partner countries (Uruguay, Peru, Haiti, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ghana, and the UN Palestine Refugee Camps) receive a $50 discount - XO's will only be $219 each.

Give Many participants receive invitations to a deployment workshop, on-line technical support and materials, spare XO parts, and the opportunity to participate in the global OLPC community.

I just wish it was Amazon.com that was handling Give Many. Something about writing to [email protected] makes me feel like we've seen this rabbit hole before.

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Wait a minute! Doesn't this mean the XO price has increased?! And that Give 1 Get 1 really is a "Almost Give 1".

Presumably the extra $60 per XO is to cover shipping to anywhere in the world.

We have more Give Many details from OLPC:

100,000€ per block of 500 laptop

1. You will take part in the PR
2. You will get 5 travel packs for the company to exhibit , each of which contain:

* XO laptop
* XO USB Wireless Mouse
* XO 2 Gig Flash Drive
* XO Flex Light
* XO USB to Lan Adaptor
* VC Gumy Heaphones
* XO Stylus
* Solar panel
* XO Bag

3. OLPC will come to your company to do an internal charity event for the country of your choice.
4. will get a signed and framed AWARD of One Laptop Per Child stipulating the number and location.
5. You will get a full tax refund

* Tax deductability is through TGE which operates in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

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