OLPC: First pictures


The first OLPC machine, up close

Congratulations to the OLPC team. Against huge odds, the guys in Cambridge, along with the wider OLPC development community have pulled it off and built a laptop. As we mentioned a day or so ago, the first ten XO machines were hand built by Quanta over the weekend. Now the first machine has arrived in OLPC's Cambridge offices and the team look stoked.

Christopher Blizzard published the first photo on his blog a few hours ago and they were quickly followed by a slew of photos on the OLPC wiki. The simple words that accompanied Chistopher's post seem rather muted

We received our first machine in the Cambridge today from the plant in Taiwan. This is one of the hand-assembled models running the browser in Sugar. I have a less blurry picture that was taken using the flash, but the display doesn’t look as good.
However, an earlier post of his from yesterday, before the machine arrived, sums up the jubilation the OLPC team feels at having passed such a critical milestone.
I like this idea of sunrise over OLPC because it really captures where we are today. Last night we had our first real run on an assembly line and put together roughly 200 systems. This is the first time that all of the parts have really been assembled together for testing. Those machines will start making their way out to people soon. Countries, individual open source developers, and interested parties.

I think that once these wonderful little machines get into people’s hands they will start to understand how real and serious we are. It’s not the fastest little machine in the world, but it definitely has personality and I find myself falling in love with it.

Judging by the pictures on the wiki, the whole team look genuinely thrilled - as are we here at OLPC News.

Congratulations guys, now the hard work starts!

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I sound muted because I'm tired.

Has anyone tried the laptop in front of a child yet?
Its diminutive size is looks strange with adults using it. Like those pictures of adults riding kids bicycles - all knees and elbows.
Maybe take ten laptops and let a bunch of local schoolchildren play with them for a week....

Christopher, You look mighty tired in the photo too. Get some rest, your work is amazing. We are all duly impressed.

It's nice to witness something that will likely change the world. Good luck!

The laptops look great -- a really attractive design, a cute, miniature version of a regular laptop.

Don't let this post misguide you, if you look carefully around the other "articles", they're all about discrediting, creating confusion about, and exacerbating problems concerning and around the olpc project. Either it is a personal FUD project (author's crusade), or is backed by some powerfull organizations (my guess).

Still, having a specific individual so focused to negatively criticize and nitpick about anything and everything to with the OLPC could (and allways is) be helpfull for them (when you leave out the nonsense, that is).

Take care

yep, you're right anon. its all a conspiracy. even when its nick saying it himself. its going to be magic. an implemntation miracle.

does the laptop have internet access?

I am excited about this development. The military potential is significant.