CM1 - the OLPC Laptop New Name?


In a scoop worthy of its reputation Aljazeera is reporting a new name for the One Laptop Per Child $100 dollar laptop: CM1. From their article "A revolution in a laptop:"

the CM1, more commonly known as the $100 laptop.

The CM1 is the crown jewel of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project

There is no confirmation of this new laptop name from the OLPC HQ in Boston nor another reference to "CM1" with OLPC in Google searches.

In the same article, Aljazeera has another scoop on the OLPC "CM1" production schedule that does have antidotal confirmation :

OLPC aims to have test machines ready in November, to have pre-releases ready in February next year and begin mass production of the CM1 in April. The latter half of 2007 has been earmarked as the beginning of scale, depending on shipping methods and local distribution
Recently, Thailand's Caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra announced Thailand will take delivery of 530 laptop prototypes in October and November. Too bad that's when OLPC laptops will replace books in Thai schools.

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