The CM1 is Dead. Long Live the 2B1


Things move pretty quickly on the OLPC wiki - facts are released one day, only to change the next - especially on pages maintained by OLPC themselves. The CM1 is no longer with us. It was edited into history yesterday by Walter Bender.

The CM1 is dead. Long live the 2B1.

In the spirit of the OLPC wiki, please find a re-edited version of our previous news piece. Edits in bold.

Woohoo! Aljazeera's scoop was right wrong, and now its official (again): the One Laptop Per Child's initial computer will be called the CM1 2B1 - The Children's Machine.

Searching the OLPC Wiki, I found the official OLPC CM1 page - but yesterday, Walter Bender replaced all reference to CM1 with 2B1. Like I keep saying OLPC is all about marketing - mishaps.

Anyway, looking at the history of the OLPC CM1 page, you'll note that Walter Bender, OLPC President for Software and Content, posted the Children's Machine 1 page on August 17th, three days after Aljazeera published its article referring to the OLPC laptop as the "CM1". 10 days later it was toast.

You go Aljazeera! Now I only wonder: Why did OLPC give them the scoop wrong info?

Thanks to the beady eyed writers at DailyTech.

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I like the comment on the Engadget post:

"I guess I'll just have to wait for the 3rd version: 3B1. Sounds a lot like that time I tried to talk my wife into that thing with her hot college friend."