South America Interns: Forgotten OLPCorps Stepchildren


What happens when One Laptop Per Child has an international internship program but without the deep funding from a One Here One There donation scheme? You get the forgotten South America internships of Peru and Uruguay.

Mysterious South American volunteers

First, let's see what the South American intern program offers:

  • Unpaid interns get a 1-week orientation
  • Just a single XO laptop
  • 9 weeks at a community site in either Peru or Uruguay
  • And enjoy a wrap-up and celebratory session.

Now you can argue that they will get the benefit of established programs, where they can work closely with local implementation teams comprised of teachers and technical professionals experienced in OLPC deployment. And they have a defined mission to support an interactive English language learning program and help children learn by designing and constructing their own software projects.

But that is nothing compared to the other OLPCorps experience. In additon to the massive OLPCorps Africa hype, those lucky volunteers are getting the bonus plan with their benefits:

  • 30+ teams of volunteers in multiple African countries
  • Each team getting 100 XOs, hardware, and a $10K stipend
  • A 10-day training in Kigali + Cambridge celebration
  • A highlighted recruitment page on

Subscribe to the OLPCorps feed

Wait, did you even know there were South America internships before you read this post? I bet not. But now that you do, you can follow along with the three OLPCorps South America blogs I've found:

And just so these three are not forgotten, I've added them to the definative OLPCorps Feed, my list of over 40 different OLPCorps volunteer blogs, now spanning all of OLPCorps Africa and South America. This is the most comprehensive aggregation of all blogs OLPCorps - yes, even more OLPCorps blogs than OLPC Planet.

Now you can get the OLPCorps Feed badge and start sharing all OLPCorps experiences too. The South American volunteers would appreciate that, I'm sure.

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