Negroponte's ISTE NECC Speech

BBracey just posed a very telling synopsis of Nicholas Negroponte- ISTE NECC Speech over at The Digital Divide Network discussion group.

While you can tell there was fast typing involved, it's more a general outline than a word-for-word transcript, its interesting to note that Negroponte starts off talking about education and the kids but then focuses on the technology. He's quoted as saying:

He is describing to us the three basic principles
  • Use technology to learn learning not to learn something
  • teaching is one but not the only way to achieve learning
  • Leverage children themselves
But then he veers off and talks so much about the technology that BBRacy records it all as:
A lot about laptops
Hmm so where is the part about in-country implementation, you know, distribution, teacher training, tech support ecosystems, all that nitty-gritty? Nope, not a word.

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