First Picture of an XO-2 Laptop Mock Up in the Wild!!


With the graininess of the image, I can't be sure if its a real live XO-2 laptop or another One Laptop Per Child mock-up like the original hand-crank XO-1 at WSIS, but either way, this image is exhilarating:

This photograph comes to us from who say:

It is just a first, shaky cell phone picture, which Tariq Krim just a few minutes ago in Davos at the WEF has shot, but it shows the OLPC 2.0! No more keyboard, this is 2 multi-touch screen

The XO-2 can be a game-changer for OLPC. With a working model they could re-capture the imagination and momentum of the developing world educational institutions and drive the entire technology industry - again!

Update: Christoph reports that the XO-2 is just a mockup, which is quite disappointing, but not all that surprising. I'm feeling a hand crank rabbit hole starting to form...

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