Quanta Files XO-1.5 Laptop Design with FCC


In a sign that the XO-1.5 laptop is nearing reality, Quanta Computer has made filings with the FCC. While the filings themselves are pretty bland, just the label is visible, you can get more XO-1.5 details on the OLPC wiki, and watch this handy exploration of the XO-1 motherboard by Bernie Innocenti .

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It looks like when I get an XO-1.5 upgrade that I will need a new power supply cord.

Will I still be able to use my 12 volt power supply from my car?

So how hard will it be to swap out the XO-1 guts for new, shiny XO-1.5 guts?

That's hard to say at this point however given that the enclosure is the same on the XO-1 and XO-1.5 I assume that putting an XO-1.5 motherboard into an XO-1 should be possible. Having said that I'm not sure whether OLPC plans to make XO-1.5 motherboards available or not (IMHO this could make sense).