OLPC wireless networking mesh card?

Gugaom is reporting that this fallMeraki Networks will release the Meraki Mini, a $50 wireless 802.11b/g router that can build a wireless mesh network. Might this be the wireless mesh networking card for the OLPC $100 dollar laptop?

As Meraki is the mesh-networking consultant for OLPC, and Sanjit Biswas, the company’s co-founder, is a MIT student on-leave, and the hardware uses an open platform, encouraging users hack, I think so.

Thanks Engadget

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Thanks for the note about the hardware :).

Nice speculation but it's not true.

The Meraki uses a Broadcom SoC.

The OLPC is using a Maxell wireless chip with Maxell providing the wireless firmware (where all the mesh netowkring is done).

Both are interesting projects but with different target markets.

Check out wiki.laptop.org and devel.laptop.org for more details.

To the alleged "Kevin Purcell": "devel.laptop.org"? I just tried that address; it doesn't exist. And I found no information on the wiki relating to Maxell.

So I'm really dubious as to the accuracy of your info.

Oh, unless you really meant Marvell. That I did see on the Hardware specs.

Optic, I think that Kevin was refering to dev.laptop.org. That site is a source code repository and bug tracker as well as listing some product specifications. "devel" is probably a result of confusing the dev list's email address.

As you have noticed, Maxell appears to be a typo.

Actually the Link for Meraki Mini is: http://meraki.com/products/mini/