Apple iPad Should Use Pixel Qi Screen: Hands-On Video


Check out the comparison that Charbax made between the Apple iPad screen and the Pixel Qi dual mode screen in broad sunlight during an interview with Mary Lou Jepsen:

I love Charbax's commentary during the interview:

"I think iPad should use Pixel Qi. That's kinda what I was hoping they would announce, world's first distribution of the Pixel Qi screen"

You're not the only one - this Apple fanboy is also expecting something dramatic next week at WWDC 2010.


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I wonder why no computer manufacturer has used the Pixel Qi screen...hmmm

Mary Lou is someone I would love to meet one day.

I wouldn't be surprised if Apple was already checking out Pixel Qi's screens.

Considering their trend to go with all LED screens as well as glass screen and things like that... something about Pixel Qi's might not have met with the criteria they are looking for.

My guess is Apple wanted the Ipad to debut a couple of months before the pixelqi screen was going into mass production. It also may be the pixelqi's display quality isn't up to Apple's standards.

Check it out - Pixel Qi is also developing touchscreens:

"When you are putting [a touchpanel] on top of a screen that is mainly reflective it's quite difficult," said John Ryan, chief operating officer of Pixel Qi. "The capacitive layer makes it quite yellow and fuzzy and it also dramatically cuts down the intensity of the light, so we've had to work a lot on resolving both of those."

From Pixel Qi Shows Prototype Touchscreen Displays

THAT is(/was?) the key piece missing from pixel Qi screens. :-)

It is unclear however why more that 6 months after the original screens where declared "manufacturing ready", XOs are still the only devices with this technology. Is there a reliable side by side test of the Qi screens _indoors_? Is the color quality and the viewing angle in par with the average (if not the best) screens out there?
Because lets face it, the average netbot/laptop consumer spends a minute amount of time working under _direct_ sunlight. If 99% of the time the (indors/shade) image quality is inferior, is understandably hard to enter mainstream markets.

This is the Charbax video you want to post :-)

The real advantage of Pixel Qi is that it offers an easy-on-the-eyes screen option for people who engage in long periods of writing or reading text on a computer. This is the major and unequaled advantage. It will be every writers dream. From the writers vantage point it will have no competitors. I'm impatiently awaiting its appearance in a reasonably-priced known brand laptop.

Cheers, Don

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