2B1 Camera: VGA 640×480


Lost in the breaking the news that One Laptop Per Child's first computer was going to be called the "CM1 2B1: The Children's Machine " was the slight change to the standard hardware the OLPC 2B1 would have.

I noticed and pointed out that the CM1 2B1 was now shipping with a camera, a change few cared to comment on, maybe because I, like everyone else, didn’t have the exact design specs for the camera.

Now, thanks to Walter Bender, OLPC President for Software and Content, we know exactly what developing world students will be flooding Flickr and YouTube with. To quote Walter:
The camera sensor has been the focus of considerable discussion over the last week. Two key changes were made: first, the camera has been changed from an optional component to a standard feature - all OLPC machines will incorporate a video camera; second, the camera itself has been increased in resolution. While the initial camera sensor had offered CIF (352×288) resolution, the new camera sensor will offer the considerably higher VGA (640×480) resolution.
You go OLPC! I am so happy they will have a camera. Humble photographs have a high importance in the developing world, where images of one's self are still rare and highly prized.

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Do you really think that little bump will be the camera lens? If so, its going to be a giant leap in camera technology too.

I think the camera should be on the other side of the case - so you can point it at something and see the image on the screen.

The camera can also be used as an artificial mirror if it stays on the same side as the screen. I know I've used the itty-bitty square screen of a Razr phone basically the same way.