XO Keyboard Field Repair: Plastic Tape & Paper Fix


A whole new keyboard hack

Let's say you are a child in Peru. You have an XO laptop through the OLPC program there, but like many other XO's, your computer develops a sticky keyboard. Or you pick at the keys and tear them. Maybe you got stupid first, and typed on it under a faucet.

Regardless, you now have an XO laptop with a messed up keyboard. And so you try to repair it yourself (hopefully not drunk). But in the process, you tear off a few keys. How might you fix this issue?

Well, if you have a spare one, you might replace the keyboard by following the directions from OLPC. Short of that full modification, you can always make a replacement keyboard out of clear plastic tape and scraps of paper, like this one.

Personally, I love the ingenuity, though I would've gone for green paper.

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"And so you try to repaid it yourself"



Drunk blogging...

In Afghanistan kids repaired it themselves using glue (no idea what type but I guess either paper glue or shoe glue) - with miracle the functionality isn't affected at all :)

This is maze,why those chinese people use too cheap materials on those computers,now in U.S.A you can get those LINUX mini computer below 300 dollars,I wish those kids getting the right training to use and care of those machines look like it nitendo games consolas.