G1G1 2008 is Over. Damn.

G1G1 USA Buyers

This is not a drill. This is not a joke. It is now official, G1G1 Global ended on December 31st. One Laptop Per Child now only supports retail XO laptops sales through G1G1 USA.

If you want to own the clock-stopping hot XO laptop, this is your last chance to buy it through Amazon.

If you dally, your only options will be eBay or direct donations to others through the Simply Give and Give a School programs.

So do not delay, buy your XO laptop today!


Thank you very much for this wonderful possibility to make OLCP available for all children.

Rodgau, 2009-1-1 Sabine Hancl

I was puzzled to still see ads for and links to Amazon's G1G1 program today, at a point at which the entire world has entered the New Year. I know websites get out of date, but as far as I can tell, Amazon has not gotten the memo, or not acted on it, because the xo is listed as "in stock".

Without imputing malice anywhere (I continue to be delighted with the G1G1 laptop I've used for 8 months now) I suggest that OLPC's New Year' resolutions include a higher level of transparency to improve the confidence we supporters can have in repeating what we hear from them!

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