Double Deadline Day: OLPC News Contest & G1G1 Deduction


Today is April 15, 2008, and that means there are two important deadlines in your life:

olpc irs

First, today is your last chance to Be Nichoals Negroponte for a Day on the OLPC News Forum. If you get creative enough, and your fellow Forum members vote you a winner, you could share $50 in prizes from XOexplosion.

Second, if your subject to taxation by the Internal Revenue Service, and participated in G1G1, today is the last day to fret over taking the OLPC tax deduction.

Theoretically, you can claim $200 of your Give One Get One XO laptop as a donation to charity, but if you activate the T-Mobile subscription, maybe not. Of course, if you sold your T-Mobile subscription, you'd come out ahead anyway.

Personally, I took the deductions and gave away the T-Mobile subscriptions as a G2G2. What did you do?

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As a G3G3, I'm using one t-Mobile subscription right now, on my XO at Starbucks, supposedly working. One subscription was given to a friend, and one's still not activated.

I keep not finding it worthwhile to use itemized deductions instead of standard deduction, so that does nothing for me.

As a Canadian, I neither got a tax deduction nor a T-Mobile connection.

And you want to know what I would do if I were NP for a day?? Guess.

Oh snap!
I knew I forgot something. It's time to see if my TMobile account is worth anything.

I needed it at a Borders a few weeks ago. Of course, I didn't have my XO then....

It's the first time in like 3 years I've been to a hotspot that wanted me to PAY to access the net. It usually makes me pissy.

Huh, I guess by the time they shipped mine the T-Mobile agreement was no more. Not that I wanted it, but huh.