Next OLPC UK meeting to take place on May 27


Boy, those folks up in the United Kingdom are moving quickly these days. After only having their second meetup in early May they've just announced their next meeting to take place this coming Wednesday, May 27.

This photo just doesn't get old;-)

While the meeting location hasn't been determined just yet (as it depends on the number of interested people) the agenda draft already looks mighty interesting:

  1. Pilot September 2009
    • Progress Update (Warren Pimm)
    • Deployment Issues and Requirements (Peter Robinson)
    • Curriculum Issues and Requirements
    • Pilot Discussion
  2. OLPC UK Promotion
    • Minutes from IRC Chat (Faisal Sadeq Khan)
    • Logo Concepts
    • Goals of promotion activity
    • PR Concepts - Pilot Focused
    • Website Updated (Dom Baker)
    • Draft Timeline of Promotion Activity
  3. OLPC UK Organisation
    • Charity Organisation registration - the requirements and pitfalls
    • Open Discussion - timing of formal organisation creation

I really wish I wasn't so busy these days because I'd certainly love to head up to London to attend one of these meetings!

Essential details
Date: Wednesday, 27th May, 2009
Time: 6:00pm - 8.30pm
Location: Downstairs at Starbucks Fenchurch St, 65 Fenchurch St, The City EC3M

Participants are asked to RSVP via the OLPC-UK mailing list or by contacting Michael Jordan.

Update: Added the location information.

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