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As a blogger and long-term volunteer for the global one laptop per child movement I sometimes wonder if my efforts are noticed by OLPC. The organization hasn't always accepted the role of OLPC News to be a critic in the classical sense of the word: a true believer that celebrates successes and points out errors in hopes of improving our collective path to the overall goal of children learning. So it is always exciting to see OLPC respond to my writings.

As such I want to thank Rodrigo Arboleda (OLPC Association's Chairman and CEO) for noticing my "Key Employees Leave as Things Fall Apart at OLPC" piece and responding with "OLPC welcomes new members" and "Response to Inaccurate Information Recently Posted about OLPC".

Its hard to support and write about OLPC when decisions and activities are opaque to outsiders. As such I am very happy for OLPC to share more information so we all can have a better understanding of its efforts around the XO Tablet, XO-4 (Touch) and Sugar on Android.

Thank you for sharing Rodrigo, everyone in the olpc community appreciates it.

Resumen en español: Es difícil de soportar y escribir acerca de OLPC cuando las decisiones y actividades son opacos. Así que estoy muy feliz por OLPC a compartir más información para que todos podamos tener una mejor comprensión de sus esfuerzos en torno a la XO Tablet, XO-4 (Touch) y Sugar en Android. Gracias por compartir Rodrigo, todos en la comunidad OLPC lo aprecian.


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