How Open Learning Exchange Nepal is Changing Lives


Wow! Watching this video from OLE Nepal I am so happy for them and sad for One Laptop Per Child. The success of OLE and the failures of OLPC are so self-evident:

See how OLE Nepal is focused on empowering the teachers? Hear how they're working with the established educational system? That's the path to XO laptop success - using technology as an enabler of educator evolution, not a bludgeon to force change.

Better yet, did you see the shoutout to the Teachermate? Yeah, OLE is the real education project.


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I saw information from the Teachermate website about how it can help students!

Although I think most of what can be done with a Teachermate could be done with an XO, it seems to have a better interface for teaching the specific needs required for each teacher's lessons, while just letting the student use 1 machine to do one task.

Here is a little instructional on how to create flash software for it. I think similar work has been done in Nepal, but possibly using other versions of flash.