"When Me See Di XO" - Jamaican Student Poetry About the XO


After the first two posts this week being focused on videos I thought that I might as well publish another great video before I head into the weekend.

Craig Perue from OLPC Jamaica showed us this one during his talk at the OLPC SF Community Summit 2011 in late October. It's a recording of four grade 6 students at August Town Primary School who wrote a song about the XO and I absolutely loved it!

OLPC Jamaica volunteer Candace Brown kindly translated the lyrics for those of us in need of an English version:

....Dr McNaughton, I feel like my heart is going to burst
When I see the new laptop, my heart beams with pride
Lord, when I see the XO, all grade 4 is saying "a-oh", they are the happiest children
If I could go back in time, grade 4 would have been in my life
I know they are going to use it.
Grade 4 literacy, look out, they are going to ace that and put August town back on the map
So we just want to say thanks to UWI especially Dr. McNaughton, they want us to learn and better ourselves
So UWI, Dr McNaughton thank you for helping us prepare for the future

Nosy Komba and its famous XO Dance better watch out because the competition for the best XO related singing and dancing performance is on!


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