Two Sugar Activities Made in the Philippines


Resumen en español al final del artículo

Last week Tessa from eKindling sent me an e-mail with some information about two Sugar Activities which were developed in the Philippines:

Thought of sharing these with you. These Sugar activities were developed by a team of University of the Philippines (our state university) Computer Science students, who recently graduated this March 2012. Their names are CJ Aranas and Almira Cayetano under the tutelage of Weng Solamo.
Finally, the Philippines has something to contribute to the OLPC community :-)

The two Activities are called ScorePad and Yardstick. The former is a tool for project assessment whereas the latter is a rubric-maker tool which can be used in collaboration with ScorePad.

Here's an 8-minute video which introduces the functionality of both Activities:

More information about ScorePad and Yardstick are available on their respective pages on (ASLO), the Sugar Labs wiki, and the git source-code repositories:

ScorePad: ASLO, wiki, git
Yardstick: ASLO, wiki, git

Maybe it's just me but it certainly seems like slowly but surely local software development in OLPC / Sugar deployments is starting to spread beyond the usual suspects. If this is indeed a larger trend then it's certainly a very welcome and positive one!

Resumen en español: La semana pasada Tessa de eKindling me contactó para informarme sobre dos Actividades de Sugar que se habían desarollados en en las Filipinas. Las dos Actividades se llamana ScorePad y Yardstick. El primero es una herramienta para la evaluación de proyectos mientras que la segunda es una herramienta para hacer rúbricas que pueden ser usados en colaboración con ScorePad. Más información sobre las Actividades esta disponible en el video arriba y los links a sus paginas en (ASLO), la wiki de Sugar Labs y git.


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