OLPC Tuquito Project Progress in Argentina


OLPC Tuquito's team began to work at 1st January of 2007, with the knowledge acquisition about the project One Laptop Per Child and then with development educative applications, writing documentation in Spanish, and testing XO in different operating systems as Tuquito GNU/Linux for OLPC.

olpc Argentina

We divided in different areas to work: Tests of the prototype; Documentation; Development and programming; and Adaptation of Tuquito GNU/Linux for its operation in the XO. The principal target were:Write documentation in spanish.

  • Test and install different version of Tuquito in XO. Testing performance.
  • Development educative applications.
  • Awareness and teacher qualification.
  • I am Pablo Frias, staff of Tuquito GNU/Linux, and here is a summary of project progress.

    First we testing OLPC in software emulator, as Qemu or VMWare. This way can us to test and to learn Sugar (front-end) in a PC desktop. Today there's an OLPC book in Spanish, which speaking all technical aspect in software and hardware from XO machine.

    Then we site-up twice source information, once is a wiki-page with official content about project Tuquito OLPC and another blog-page with recently information about project.

    There 's a lot information as how-to, tips, suggests for Sugar in Gentoo, Hello World in Sugar, Create SVG icons for Sugar, a image gallery, and specific technical information.

    In education subject, we wrote a complete implementation of OLPC Project in Argentina, which technical infrastructure, server configuration and additional elements, as teacher capacities, awareness and qualifications.

    olpc Argentina

    In addition we created a site for development of application named Trac to follow recently activities release. Applications development are:

    Recently we public some multimedia content, as podcast, interviews and videocast and we released two type of Tuquito images in original version and Peeper version, which can be boot from USB drive without install in XO. You can find more information how copy image to USB in Tuquito OLPC site.

    Now we are continuously developing, writing, talking about project, interviewing and a doing a campaign of diffusion for OLPC Tuquito project.

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    Tell me about it. Especially those funky fresh Tuquito t-shirts. I'm already begging Pablo for one since there isn't USA shipping currently.

    He says "yes, the t-shirts are very cool!. You will be very lucky with the women if you use it!"

    "Headbrake games"?


    As you can tell, Pablo is not a native English speaker, so I've edited Pablo's entry for the more egregious language mistakes. But I've left as much of his original thoughts and translations as possible to remain true to his intent.

    The game he refers to is actually called "headbreakactivity.py"

    Please, for those people like me who have to admit that they don't understand Spanish, what does "Tuquito" mean, and what does the T-shirt text say?


    Is enough simple. The t-shirt text say: "Tuquito GNU/Linux"

    He Tuquito is a specie of birds which inhabit throughout North and South America, and its main characteristic is that it irradiates light, being visible at nights.

    Nice man, but next time i'll do the translation =P. A hugh!


    I'd love to have constant updates about the Tuquito progress with OLPC Argentina. Please feel free to work with Pablo to send me regular notices that I can incorporate into OLPC News posts.

    Is Tuquito FOSS? On the Brazil OLPC mailing list, it sounds like Daniel Olivera is accusing Tuquito of not being a truly FOSS application: http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/brasil/2007-August/000973.html

    Google Translate has him saying: "Let us consider that Tuquito does not make use exclusive of free software. The USA SL but in addition as they can see in his site, make use of software does not free. Perhaps this does not matter to some, but to say that Tuquito is a free system is incorrect since he is not real."

    Hi there Wayan!, when my time does allow me, i work for tuquito, in this 2nd part of the year i'll be free to help in all i can :).
    First of all, GNU/Linux Tuquito it's a 100% FREE SOFTWARE, and we aren't agree to force anyone to use our software(and isn't our software, it's of the community :).But still standing, we offer to the users to install some non-free apps, 'cause at the moment, we can't cover all the end user needs(for example, a compress/decompressor of .RAR files). But we let them know about what are they doing, and explaining all the consecuenses of doing that(we explain what is Free Software, the philosophy, etc).
    And now talking about Mr. Olivera..., there was a time that he spoke unsuitable things about Tuquito and other projects, he said terrible things about the OLPC project, things like the project has been made to a "cultural world domination" from the most important countries, and all kind of stuff that u can google it and find it. He also he's out of the OLPC project already (rare don't?) And he has no consistent fundamentals to attack other projects like Tuquito.
    It's sad to see a person like him, doing this things 'cause we thought that he was at our side...the free side :). A hugh Wayan!

    By the way Wayan, if u want a t-shirt, come to Argentina and u'll get one, u'll be always welcome here, my house it's ur house :)


    I'm glad to hear that Tuquilo is based in FOSS even if it has to use proprietary software on occasion to fill in functionality.

    Nothing is perfect. Often not even those once called friends. But I would love a t-shirt - I think they're a perfect way to woo geek girls.

    Hi Wayan!, i'm happy to say that now, with the effort of the team, Tuquito web page is translated now to english! =D, so now anyone can read (and nearly join us to the forums, etc) all the information, news, and stuff about the Tuquito project.

    A hugh! :)

    I find it highly amusing that the "English" version of the Tuquito web page has an "American" flag icon.

    Its not like they even speak 'English' in the USA LOL.