Defend the Truth with OLPC Jamaica's Music Video


How is this for a creative use of XO laptops: the featured technology in an educational music video sponsored by USAID.

Delivered to Jamaica as part of a program with Charles Nesson of Harvard University, the XO laptops are nominally in Ascot High School to provide a creative outlet for 25 students in the ninth grade Students Expressing Truth (SET) programme. But in this music video they take on a life of their own:

Now if only that were the norm for OLPC related videos!

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Too bad the OLPC XO is just being used as a prop!

If you look closely at the video, you will notice that Dell desktops with Windows XP were used to cut and paste the video together in the school's computer lab!

Wouldn't it be be nice to have the students tell the USAID which computer and OS they find more useful?

Or maybe we can be rational and wait until we have EVIDENCE that XP on the XO sucks, from people who have actually used it. And preferably people who don't try it with the predisposition to say that XP on the XO sucks, even if Microsoft created a perfect product.I 200% agree with that... Even before reading it, I knew it would "suck"... Much like any maintstream linux distrib sucks when it comes to usability & configuration, this is a default winxp that's beeing shown.. I highly doubt that in the final distribution you'll have to change the record device to record any sound.

If you look closely, I was suggesting that the children could give feedback on the OS they like best!

One is on a Dell Desktop and Linux is on the XO laptop.

If the XO has too little memory and speed when using Linux, it will not get any better when using the more bloated XP!