Amazing XO Laptop Teacher Guides from OLPC Peru


Since the inception of One Laptop Per Child, educators have been calling for quality teacher's guides from OLPC. Practical, step-by-step instructions on how to use and integrate XO activities into the classroom.

To date, OLPC has always refused this responsibility, claiming its up to each implementing country to develop such guidance, based on their own educational resources and objectives. While I consider that a cop-out, a abdication of responsibility that hurt the project, OLPC Peru has stepped up where OLPC in 1CC has not.

Just check out these amazing Teacher Resources from OLPC Peru. And while you're at it, think about how much more effective the OLPC sales program could have been if these existed from the beginning.


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Long time since I last commented!

Great resources. This should be translated and distributed to all other OLPC projects in a way they could adapt to their local costumes...

It may not be always a bad thing, if they can leverage the use of volunteers to create the teacher's guide.

E.g. like wikibooks by wikimedia

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