OLPC News Conspiracy Theories


Since its my wedding weekend, I'm a little busy with the people that matter the most to me to entertain stale conspiracy theories that are as out of date as they are out of touch.

So I'll let someone who matters the most to all of us speak for me instead:

Mary Lou Jepsen ex-OLPC CTO
Wayan doesn't carry a intel blue badge
by MaryLouJepsen

All Intel employees have to carry a blue badge. It's the only way to get into Intel buildings. I know: I used to work there.

I also took money from Intel in 2004: they paid my salary for the entire year. Then, when my division was closed, I joined with Nicholas Negroponte to start OLPC. Calling Wayan an Intel employee is like calling me one.

OLPCnews is a great forum for commentary on the OLPC project, they are sometimes critical of OLPC, and like all of us sometimes get things wrong, but they are mostly amazed by and very supportive of OLPC.

OLPCnews is certainly helping build the OLPC community that has expanded as a result of OLPC's "Give One, Get One" program.

I think Wayan is doing a terrific job.

- Mary Lou Jepsen
(former Chief Technology Officer of OLPC)


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Sorry Wayan, but I am afraid the endorsement from Mary-Lou will only result in these people thinking she is part of the conspiracy too.

Remember, there are still way too many people who even don't believe a man has walked on the moon.

Can they be helped? Yes!

These people need your love and care, and most of all, your understanding help in coping with reallity.

In the end, most of them will grow up emotionally and see that the world is full of brilliant people who can manage (and screw up) their lives all of their own. No help from puppet masters is needed.


"Worst PhotoShop ever"

Sorry to say but I would have to agree with Winter. Ms. Jepsen's endorsement does NOT count, not because she is not telling the truth but because her own motives, of leaving a non-profit and starting a for-profit utilizing licensed technology from OLPC and knowledge from her days there, is questionable. I heard on NPR today about her company Pixel Qi and her telling how her 75 bucks laptop would revolutionize the universe. Sorry, and again I could be wrong, I am not at all impressed. And Wayan, don't worry about the conspiracy theory, people like I and many others, who don't know you, visit olpcnews.com for content and information and we have enough common sense to judge for ourselves who is fake and who is not. Enjoy your post-wedding time.


Jepsen's job was done when the hardware was completed. Look through the site and forum and NOBODY's complaining about the hardware design. Should she stay on the OLPC payroll for the rest of her life?

Why shouldn't she move on and do something useful, something that generates money for OLPC?

Maddie, I understand your point. Neither I am arguing that she should have stayed in her job at OLPC nor that she did a lousy job at OLPC, on the contrary XO screen is a great discovery. You are missing the point. She has exploited her position at OLPC to found a for-profit organization. I would accept that if OLPC gives all the insider knowledge and know-hows and agrees to license the IPs to others at the same terms and conditions as it did to her. Please be fair to all who are sacrificing a lot for educating children in the third world, including working without pay for months, and even in the US who are donating their time and money for this noble cause. Why should she be the only one allowed to exploit her past position and know-hows. Thats all. BTW, she is not going to generate money for OLPC but for her own company. As you might know, each company is mandated to follow the terms that its own BOD decides and not the ones decided by another non-profit organization. Also, I wonder when OLPC goes and markets the laptops to third world governments, do they say, 'our technology is open to be licensed to all who wants it to modify and improve it further'????


OLPC would make money through a licensing agreement they have with Jepson's new company. I don't know what she made working for OLPC but it's very possible she could have made more money in a private company so maybe that was her sacrifice.

I do agree that ANYBODY that wants to license the technology should get the same deal Jepson got, unless her employment contract with OLPC said otherwise.