LOLPC - One LOL Cat Silliness Per XO Laptop


I've been very let down by the lack of mashups between OLPC and the LOLcat sillyness. Why, you already have 2/3rds of the letters in the name. It can't possibly be any nerdier than LOL Non-Profit Technology (which to be fair has two early LOLPC photos).

Or LOLCode; which turns the traditional LOLCats "captions" into (shudder) executable code, such as this "Hello World" routine:

LolCats even have a wikipedia page and an xkcd comic about them. So I think it can't possibly sink any lower in humor value than the LOLCat phenomenon already has.

If you don't get it, don't worry -- you're probably better off than the rest of us. It's basically silly photos of cats with captions explaining what is going through the cat's head at the time. Cats, evidentially, think in short, poorly-spelled, SMS-like grammar-less tidbits. Who knew?

I can haz implementasun plan?

Regardless; I've yet to see any application of this to the OLPC -- what I'll dub; LOLPCs. So, gentle readers, I present you with the first (evar1!1!eleven) LOLPC collection; and invite you to use any one of the available Lolcat creation tools to make more.

Of course, even when attempting humor, we've got to get our digs in. See -- even the laptop wants a solid implementation plan!

It seems to be of the opinion that it'd fare better freed of any top-down approach and find its way on the free market (I think it's been reading too much

wifi mesh? NOM NOM NOM

Saving the best for last, Britt Selvitelle gives us some "awww" factor; but also reveals the real motive: "This actually leads to better wireless reception;" begging the question -- is it one laptop per child ... or one child per laptop??? "

Either way, XO laptops get lonely when you don't bring them to mesh meetups often enough, so make sure they can have mesh friendz.

Whew! Glad that's out of my system (for now).

Update: It seems I'm not even third with this. I think that both makes me feel better about the world, and more scared by it. KTHXBYE.

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I came up with this three months ago. Keep up :)

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I am humbled. I'll add my contributions shortly :)

I haven't made any lols yet, but here's my demotivator-poster warning not to run too many activities on the XO at once:

I'd have done mine sooner, but I hadn't gotten my XO yet.