OLPC is "Refocusing" w/ Changes

In an email to the OLPC community, Nicholas Negroponte has announced a major retrenchment at One Laptop Per Child. The basic changes are:

  1. 50% cut in staff & pay cuts for the remaining staff
  2. A shift to Middle East, Afghanistan and Northwestern Pakistan
  3. Latin America & Africa to be spun off
  4. Sugar to be spun off
  5. A $0 laptop goal for LDC's
  6. Development of the XO-2
  7. Roll out a no-cost connectivity plan
  8. Create one million digital books

We are quickly analyzing the reality behind Negroponte's message through the following conversations:

Be sure to share you thoughts, ideas, voice in this momentous change for the OLPC organization and the future of the XO laptop, through comments or a Guest Post.

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