What is the status of OLPC Kiribati in 2011?



This is apparently the sad state of affairs in Kiribati, a Pacific island nation that went OLPC with much fanfare one year ago. Today a number of XO laptops sit in their original boxes in the corner of an office in the Kiribati Ministry of Education. That is where Steve Bolton took this photo.

Let us hope that these were spare XO laptops, kept here to replace damaged XOs or lost laptops, so that no child needed to go without. But hope is not a strategy. Better would be XO laptop utilized in schools or stored in an orderly fashion. At least then we could believe that the Kiribati Ministry of Education valued the ideas of One Laptop Per Child.


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Hey Wayan, maybe the boxes are empty like your head!!!!!

You have used my photo without permission. Kindly remove it.



Steve, previously you were begging for XO laptops and then when you came across these in a corner, you took a photo and posted it on Flickr complaining they were being wasted. Later, I found the pic and blogged about it.

Now you've removed the photo & commentary from Flickr which tells me that someone called you out via this post and you want to use to use permissions as a way to mute discussion.

Sorry to disappoint, but the photo stays. Overall its usage here is covered under fail use as news, criticism, and commentary, and any talk about rights is a red herring to divert from the actual issue: OLPC utilization in deployments.