Amazing Volunteer Opportunity: OLE Nepal Super SysAdmin


Do you dream in Bash? Can you Moodle all night with Dev "Where's the Party Yaar?" Mohanty. And do any of these technology terms excite you: BIND, DHCPD, or Squid? Then you'll be interested in this opportunity of a lifetime: OLE Nepal Super SysAdmin.

The school server team

OLE Nepal is looking for a Super Systems Administrator to work with their Kathmandu-based team and with OLPC to implement a school server solution in the OLE Nepal school pilot program.

Much work remains with the School Server as it is currently under active development and will likely be so throughout 2008. And while OLPC recently made a great decision in hiring Martin Langhoff as School Server Architect, OLE Nepal needs help with the technical aspects of deployment like updating the XO's, back up of student data, maintaining mesh network, and web caching.

Your real OLPC reward

There's only one small catch to this dream job - it's a volunteer position. That means you'll not be paid in cash for your efforts. You'll get a greater reward, one that money cannot buy.

No, not a Superman bodysuit, but the life-affirming warm and fuzzies of happy children as they learn and explore with the XO laptop.

So if you are ready for the adventure of bringing educator driven development to Nepalese children, then apply today!

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