An Early Christmas Present: Super Mario Brothers 3 on OLPC


Merry Christmas old school gamers! We now have a second 1990's flashback game on the OLPC: Super Mario Brothers 3 from the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

It's only too bad that like the One Laptop Per Child developers who ported DOOM on the OLPC XO, Brad Morgan seems to have forgotten his gaming roots. While the game skill is not impressive, their technical skills are:

Three cheers for getting the Children's Machine XO to emulate another youth-engaging computer game, this one slightly less graphic than a first person shooter.

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Doom wasn't "ported", it was simply installed. Remember this is an x86 machine with Fedora Core: "yum install prboom" is all you need to do to get the game running on the XO...

As any Linux using person would know, there's a vast collection of ported games out there that will run on x86 machines like the OLPC lean green machine.

The great majority should run quite nicely on the XO machine. I cant wait to see what comes next!

Video gone, taken down by Viacom? Why? was a tv on quietly in the background?