Umeebee + OLPC = Safe Place for Internet Kids


I am Frerieke van Bree, a Dutch architect living in South Africa. In the last year, I started a project called Umeebee, which attempts to help children in Africa through education and by connecting them with individuals donors overseas.

When I heard about One Laptop per Child, I started thinking that to really help children in Africa (and all over the world), we do not need just laptops, donations, and teachers. What would really help those children is to get them connected with the rest of the world: to show them how a computer works and how to get on the Internet.

The idea is to connect them with people outside their world and to create a safe place for Internet users to communicate directly with children. We all learn and grow from each others' experiences.

Curious how to get those children in developing countries educated and online on their OLPC XO Laptop? Take a look at my video that explains the Umeebee + OLPC idea:

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Wow, I can't understand why there is no response to your post / your video until now. I think your idea is really great and inspires me a lot, not only for my OLPC engagement, but also for other non-profit projects/organizations, I try to support. I wish you all the best!

Hi Gregor

Thanks for your words! Although 'No response' doesn't say 'no interest' it is always so much better to receive some feedback (pos. or neg. !) cheers! fre