OLPC Australia Open Day on October 27


We just got word that the fine folks from OLPC Australia are having Canberra's first OLPC Open Day next Monday, October 27. Sayeth the press release:

OLPC Down Under
Pia Waugh, open source software expert and One Laptop Per Child community member, will be speaking about the success of the OLPC project around the world and the opportunities it provides for educational projects in our region.
Come and play with the OLPC XO devices on display, and find out how this unique technology is being used in educational projects around the world.

Apparently it's not easy for non-technical people in Down Under to get a hold of XOs and play around with them. And as we all know everything changes once you've actually experienced the clock-stopping hot technology (it's been awhile since we've used that term, eh?;-) that is the XO and Sugar.

So, if you get a chance then you should definitely head to the meetup! For all those who can't attend the day will also be covered on buzzmoo.com.

OLPC Open Day Canberra, Australia
Monday, October 27 @ 3pm
55 Chandler St
Belconnen ACT 2617
Australia [map]

Also, in case you have any questions please post them in a comment below and we'll see that they get answered.

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