No Vacation at the OLPC Learning Club


While many people use August for going on vacation some stay busy by visiting the MIT Media Lab and OLPC HQ in Cambridge, MA while across the country others get ready for a 14,000 XO deployment in Birmingham, AL. Next Saturday the OLPC Learning Club in Washington, DC will bring these people together to talk about their experiences and plans for the future.

Nortel HQ is an excellent location!

Mike Lee will do a trip report on his recent visit to Cambridge, MA. He might have gotten some really cool toys at the MIT Media Lab but I'm sure he's also got plenty of stories to tell from what's going on at OLPC HQ as people are hyperfocused working towards the 8.2.0 software release. Additionally Anna Schoolfield in Birmingham, AL will join in remotely to give everyone an update on the upcoming deployment of 14,000 XOs there.

If I were still in DC I'd definitely kick myself out of bed early that Saturday to be able to join the meetup!

OLPC Learning Club Holiday Meetup
Saturday, August 23rd, 2008, 10 am to 1 pm
Nortel Networks,
101 Constitution Avenue,
Washington, DC 20001 [Map]

Also check out the OLPC Learning Club DC blog for last minute announcements and more information.

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Yay, I'm planning to be there!