Have Active Antenna, Will Meet in DC on Saturday


Tomorrow's meeting of the OLPC Learning Club-DC has had a last-minute location change which brings us to the regional office of Nortel Networks, one of the original investors in OLPC.

Nortel LearnIT, a community relations initiative of Nortel Networks, has kindly offered the use of an OLPC Active Antenna which will make possible the setting up of a mesh networked school server environment.

A team from Arlington County Public Schools (in Virginia) is setting up the OLPC school server and coordinating with the OLPC support gang to help install system updates, activate developer’s keys on anyone’s XO and generally troubleshoot technical issues.

The meeting will start with a few minutes of introductions by the leaders of the table activities. Then we will break into groups for about 30 minutes for discussion. We’ll pause for quick reportouts from each group on tips, discoveries, aspirations, frustrations, etc. Then we’ll all mesh some more until 1 pm.

  • What: Family XO Mesh Meetup
  • When: Saturday, February 23rd, 2008, 10 am to 1 pm
  • Where: Nortel Networks, 101 Constitution Avenue, Washington, DC (map)
For more meeting details, please visit the club blog.

The Nortel LearnIT folks will also capture some video clips of the meeting. Here's one they produced of Jeff Elkner, one of our meeting organizers:


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Man, that sounds like a fun meeting!

I'm so looking forward to when I get to Washington at the end of March as that will allow me to attend all those great events... :-)

Wait. Nortel had money to invest?

Christoph, it'll be so great to have you around soon!

Simon, some money was invested back in 2005, the amount isn't disclosed:


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