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Charbax has done it again! After yesterday's XO-1.5 video-series today we get a 13min clip focused on Pixel Qi's latest display. Seeing a photo of the display is one thing, actually watching a video of it in action and hearing lots of interesting bits of information is quite another.

I've been keeping a close eye on Pixel Qi's progress and have been very impressed with the display there're showing off here. And especially the thought of combining that display with a touch screen (think Classmate 3 on e-paper steriods) gets me very excited.

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This looks like they might be betting on the next Xmas season.




Your video work makes me feel seasick! Keep the camera steady, please. I think I might test the Pixel Qi screen resistance to pit up otherwise.

You can add &start=366 to the end of the URL in the Youtube embed codes to let people start the video at the 6:06 when the video starts to be filmed outdoors. When I saw the video on my laptop I directly find out that it sounds and looks better in the second part of the video when outdoors, so I should have edited the parts together in the opposite way, to give people a better first impression. Though Taipei upload speeds are really bad, I can't find some 10mbit/s uploads which would make it much easier for me to upload my videos. So it would not have been possible to re-upload a different version of this video before releasing it.

I am releasing many more awesome videos in the next few days, currently uploading them at 50kb/s from my hotel room, featuring AWESOME ARM laptops using Nvidia, Freescale, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm andd I COULD GO ON! And so many manufacturers are making them!

The most impressed I was today interviewing all the Nvidia executives and engineers, they are insanely confident about their Tegra ARM implementation
, even though the current display of Tegra does NOT use the latest ARM Cortex processor which is 4x faster for things like a browser compared to ARM11!!!! Nvidia is processing many things from the browser using the GPU! Can you believe that? Rendering of browser contents, scrolling, font antialiasing, image rendering, flash animations, flash videos, all are taken care of by the Nvidia GPU! Look for my videos of all that, being uploaded now and filming more the next couple or three of days.

Also suggest to use Openvideo DailyMotion because it does not require Flash.

How does one access it without flash? If I right click a DailyMotion video I'm greeted with an Adobe Flash context menu.

Very fascinating, very intriguing piece. My old Nokia cellphone has a reflective colour LCD screen, and I forget that not everyone can use their phone in sunlight.

I would be very interested in an in depth comparison / test of this LCD versus the stock LCD. Power consumption, colour rendering, performance in different lighting (including how low the reflective mode is useable). Also whether the different pixel alignment pattern affects usability. Good high quality photos of the screens at these different positions.

A couple interesting points that were brought up: E-ink does have better power consumption, and a whiter white, however not as good at colour or response as this technology. So the technologies aren't completely interchangeable, and E-ink is better for purely ebook readers.

Another contributing factor to the glare seen in other laptop screens is due to the fact that for some reason glossy screens are popular. This screen fortunately lacks that property.

Touch screens generally do have poor optical qualities. Go into a store and look at any tablet PC. Also right now Microsoft is limiting netbooks from qualifying for cheap XP licenses if they have touchscreens, which is why you're not seeing any (many?) convertible netbooks.

How was this screen interfaced with the GPU? Did you use the signal lines going to the original LCD or is it interfacing the VGA interface? Is it running at the 1024x600 resolution?

Another intriguing application would be digital cameras. On one hand they benefit from good colour rendering, on the other hand the screen can be a power hog, and can be unusable in the sun.

Another intriguing question is whether these screens can decrease the costs of netbook computers, and then by increasing the volume, decrease the cost for applications like OLPC.

@John Smith:
"E-ink does have better power consumption, and a whiter white, however not as good at colour or response as this technology. "

I think the biggest difference against E-ink is the slow response. That makes it less useful for scrolling and other fast-response tasks. Let alone video.

However, I have no personal experience with E-ink so I will go with what was said in the video.


What differences are there between the OLPC screen and the one being displayed here?

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