Save the date: OLPC Community Summit in San Francisco Oct 22-24


After many weeks of preparation the OLPC San Francisco community has just announced its OLPC Community Summit which will take place in San Francisco between October 22 and 24:

Mike Lee's aweseome summit logo
OLPC SF Community Summit 2010 is a community event that brings together educators, technologists, anthropologists, enthusiasts, champions and volunteers. We share stories, exchange ideas, solve problems, foster community and build collaboration around the One Laptop per Child project and its mission worldwide.

OLPC San Francisco is one of the most established (I had the pleasure of attending one of their meetings back in July 2008) and active one laptop per child communities out there and this summit is a testament of its abilities to organize what will be the largest ever gathering of people working in the OLPC / Sugar Labs / realness context.

Hence it comes as no surprise that the preliminary list of people who will attend the summit reads like the who is who of the global one laptop per child community. Some people are flying in from as far away as Afghanistan and Uruguay with many more folks arriving from various parts of the United States.

While my name and mug shot also appears on that page unfortunately I most likely won't be able to attend in-person due to scheduling conflicts and previous commitments in Vienna. However I have heard that the summit will also provide ways for remote participation and given OLPC San Francisco's track record of streaming and recording videos of their meetings I'm confident that they'll come up with a good solution. So summit participants shouldn't be surprised to potentially encounter a screen that features yours truly tuning in from home, though this time I'll try to put my laundry out of sight;-)

To sum up: If you're interested in meeting the movers and shakers in the one laptop per child community you really mustn't miss this summit. So head over to Community Summit Web site, register there, and then enjoy meeting the very people whose works inspires us here at OLPC News on a daily basis!


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