The Best XO Laptop Operating System Ever!


Presenting Fedora 11 for XO-1 build 140py, built by some OLPC people in Paraguay. All in all, this is truly awesome.

The build includes:

  • Working suspend/resume, all devices resume flawlessly
  • No regressions *relative to build 802!*
  • Camera works in Sugar, Record, etc.
  • GNOME desktop included, easy to switch to and from. Suspend/resume in Gnome works,  NetworkManager, etc.
  • Sugar 0.84, see the Sugarlabs wiki for more info
  • Wifi networks autoconnect almost instantly (including WPA networks!)
  • Boots faster!
  • Comes with some new firmware, though I see no differences.
  • Auto-suspend and resume is much faster, happening about every 20 seconds from what I see.
  • Supports GSM modems, allowing cellular internet connections. (Thanks, mavrothal, for the tipoff!)


  • Mouse seems to be jumpier. Is it not auto-calibrating?
  • Automatic suspend/resume dims the backlight ABSOLUTELY. That is, it changes it to 80 percent of FULL before suspend, and full afterwards.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Security must be disabled! (Type "disable-security" in OpenFirmware).
  • Failure to boot the first time has been reported, though I did not experience it. Your mileage may vary.
  • Like all OS upgrades that use the "copy-nand" command, this will OVERWRITE YOUR EXISTING NAND CONTENTS WITH NO WARNING. This will only happen when you install the image.
  • The "" is a deployment signature and will only work for official Paraguayan laptops. Use the os140py.crc file instead.

For more information & download link, see: Best XO OS Image Ever on the OLPC News Forum


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Let's bring this up-to-date :-)
There is an os180py build that is a bug-fix release of os140py and is not reported in the forum thread.
Find it here

Even more exciting Bernie Innocenti and Paraguay Educa are building Sugar 0.88 (the latest sugar version) for the XO-1 *and* XO-1.5. It is in alpha stage but is developing fats. See more here

However, the really exciting part is the possibility that Sugar 0.88+ on the XO (-1, -1.5) will become an official SugarLabs project ( ).
If accepted would be the first time since the OLPC-SL separation that SL has an official OLPC-related project.
Let's hope that is going to go though and the improved relationship between the two organizations will finally catch up with the Sugar user-base on the ground

So Sean DALY, the PR person for SL and SoaS, the _only_ official SL project, thinks that the above comment regarding F11-0.88 on the XO-1.* as an official SL project, is simply coming from a "Sugar hater" (!!!) and is totally unsubstantiated. Because in fact there is no perception of OLPC-SL friction and SL does as much for the vast majority of the Sugar users, the OLPC XO-1.* users, as for anybody else... ( )

Shooting the messenger and distorting reality is nothing new in PR/advertising/propaganda, but doing this towards your own Oversight Board, I think brings it to a new level...

Well done Sean, but no matter how much you try I do like Sugar and very much care for the vast majority of its users.
What's _your_ first priority?...

i just tried to update my xo-1 and now there's nothing on the screen but an x.i'd like to donate this to a kid who knows how to use it .thanks