Tom Brady's Give 1 Get 1 videos


I admit it, before hearing his name in connection with OLPC's G1G1 campaign and looking it up on Wikipedia I had no idea who that Tom Brady fellow was. But I now understand he's some kind of soccer American football player or something. ;-)

Anyway, OLPC did a quick video with him as part of promoting Give 1 Get 1 on Facebook and I've embedded it below:

Full disclosure: I still much prefer the previously mentioned video with Zimi.

Update: I just found two more videos with Tom Brady on OLPC's Flickrstream and certainly like them much better than the super-short one embedded above.

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Is he a famous hacker or something? Did he write one of the activities?

He is the quarterback of the New England Patriots and a multiple Super Bowl champion who will someday go into the Football Hall of Fame. In North America and elsewhere where the NFL is shown he is quite the name to have to endorse your product. It is a coup for the XP and OLPC. He is the David Beckham of the NFL, but better known on these shores.

Oops, that should read XO. A typo, not a Freudian slip. I don't use Windows at all. Sorry, for the sloppy proof reading.

The third ("YouTube") video is definitely the best, except for the "" URL at the end (where is the URL given on the final screen). I was rather disappointed to hear the old half- (if even that) truth of the "solar powered laptop" in the second ("Already") video - while there has apparently (finally!) been some availability of home-made solar powering solutions, the fact remains that >99% of the XOs in the world will not be powered by solar this year. There's no need for OLPC to lie or exaggerate on this - it just wastes goodwill. The XO *is* a lower-power and greener computer than any other commercially available laptop; just leave it at that. It's more important to focus on the other valuable advantages that it has, like the much greater scope of localization into childrens' native languages alluded to in the third video.

Actually, I would say that it is fair to say that >1% of the XO's are powered by solar. There are several thousand machines that are being powered that way. Some in Peru, many in Rwanda and Ethiopia. I am not sure about details on numbers.

No comment about wording.