One Laptop per Child's Mission in 98 seconds


From all the videos that OLPC has released as part of their Give 1 Get 1 2008 marketing efforts this one strikes me as the best one so far. It basically manages to explain OLPC's mission and goals in 1 min 38sec and does it all with a lot of style.

I'll definitely keep a link to it at hand because it's a great place to send peope to for a first primer on what OLPC is actually all about.

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I was with the ad until around the 38 second mark. Then it started using words like "neat" and "kinda". It's also "kinda" not truthful. OLPC does not require free and open source software, because they're allowing Windows to run on it.

I enjoyed the ad, but I felt that definite shift in formality too.
Also, it sucks they've used non-current Sugar animations for the video rather than the latest stable releases with the different GUI.

Still pretty neat to see that ad - I'll probably share it.


Countries who wishes to use Windows must buy the software separately from the OLPC.

If you listen carefully the video states, "The XO must include free and open source software..." That does not mean all software for the XO must be open source, it just means all software included with it must be open source.

If the OLPC did not allow Microsoft to create software for the laptop, then it wouldn't be open, would it?