Donate Your Old XO Laptop to Ghana Together


We are a small non-profit called Ghana Together that partners with Ghanaians in Axim, Ghana. The Ghanaian government has reportedly purchased (or will soon) some OLPCs, but the chances of any getting to Axim any time soon are pretty low, since it's far off the beaten path.

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Together with one XO laptop

The science teacher in one of the schools with about 500 kids mentioned he'd heard they were getting one from the government just any day now. Yes, that's ONE! Ghana Together has started a "vocational computer lab" there for older students and adults with "office" type technology, etc. Now we're working on the little kids.

Our technology officer is an early-retired Microsoft employee. We have technical help here to make sure the machines are updated, etc. And we go to Ghana regularly, and typically pack a lot of suitcases each trip. We shepherd our Ghanaian counterparts, one might say, in computing technologies.

We're looking for owners of OLPCs from perhaps last year's G1G1 program that have had a year to enjoy their OLPC, but maybe their kids have sort of outgrown it, or the adults have tinkered enough. We'd like to hear from you if you're interested in donating your fully-functioning OLPC as an "in kind" donation to Ghana Together. The machines must have intact power cords. We have full 501c3 tax exempt status.

As a starter, we'd like to start to deploy them to the 6-10 year olds in a Children's Home we built in Axim, as a "test bed". We'll use that to train some computer savvy adults in the town to help roll them out in schools. We have a couple of computer-trained Ghanaians who are working with kids and computers there---just don't have much to work with! But, we have a philosophy of partnering and teaching as we go.

Anyway, our website tells about us, and what we are doing in Axim. We've been there involved there 2.5 years now, and have no intention of leaving any time soon. We know local leaders well. The town has promise, but is extremely poor.

It's a perfect place to deploy OLPCs-exactly the kind of place the OLPC crew probably had in mind when they put together this machine. So, if you'd like to see your OLPC being used in just about as perfect a third-world country and town the designers had in mind, please contact me! People can ship the OLPC's to me in Mount Vernon, WA.

Maryanne Ward is President of Ghana Together

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Thanks to you friends who have sent us their OLPCs! We now have ten and are getting them ready to take to Axim, Ghana with us. If you've been thinking about donating yours, we promise you we'll put it to good use with the very children in the very environment they were designed for!! We would like more. I'd like to hear from you. Maryanne Ward, President Ghana Together (

just take it. or its in the garbage! your fault for being difficult

Not sure I get your meaning, Pablo. You mean we should take them even if no power cord, etc.? Does it sound like I'm being "difficult" for wanting one with working power cord? Maybe you're right. Power cords aren't cheap, but yes, better without that than the garbage, for sure. And we can always buy some more of the cords, yes. So, if someone has one without cord, OK.