One Laptop for Every Mauritian Child in 90 Days


Congratulations to the Republic of Mauritius on electing (in a landslide) a Prime Minister who put OLPC on his election manifesto of l'Alliance de l'Avenir. It states that Mauritius will participate in OLPC:

An OLPC Mauritius future
  • Our vision is to make Mauritius one of the most connected nations in the world during the next five years. (Pg 41)
  • We will introduce the program One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) (pg 41) / A computer for every child deprived / A computer for every teacher. (Pg 72)

For those that may not know, Mauritius has the sixth-highest GDP per capita in Africa, and with Libya and Seychelles, is one of only three African nations with a "high" Human Development Index rating.

Its US$12,356 purchasing power parity in 2009, means it may just be able to afford the Labour Party promise of OLPC Mauritius within 90 days of the election - or by Aug 5, 2010.

Regardless, congrats to Satish Jha for his effort in this OLPC success.


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