olpcMAP: 2 million XO Laptop OLPC deployments, mapped!


After 3 years, in dozens of countries, OLPC challenges the world to put the story of OLPC accomplishments on the map. Photographically, telephonically, viscerally - the passionate doers of our community movement are connect more intimately than ever before. No matter their deployment size, their age, or their creed.

Implementer gurus and connected social cartographers across our global community of One Laptop per Child and SugarLabs are physically mapping our geo-social fabric of small/medium/large deployments worldwide, in completely new and different ways, on and around CMU/Nick Doiron's rapidly evolving deployment/adoption/volunteering map.

So do your part - add deployments to the http://olpcMAP.net

And even if you don't have deployments to add, you should try your skills at the olpcMAP Trivia Contest!


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If you have Google Earth, you can subscribe to the 50 most recent updates at http://olpcMAP.net/kml?page=1&per_page=50&nl=true or all the points in a region (Haiti for example) at http://olpcMAP.net/kml?region=Haiti&nl=true

We're working on ways to easily share and add to these maps on an XO and over low bandwidth connections. The maps are getting integrated into the Map Activity and Quick Maps such as http://olpcMAP.net?center=Nairobi&km-distance=300&map=quick . Our JSON and KML APIs are documented at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OlpcMAP/data-api

It's awesome and beautiful, but what does each of the icons represent? We want to be able to interpret it, too!

> what does each of the icons represent?

These markers/landmarks represent TRUE LOVE. Of course with matters of the heart, there are very different kinds of romance and romantics in our OLPC/Sugar/ICT4Education world:

1) Deployment/Projects -- of all shapes and sizes -- who tend to use various fun "SCHOOL" and "COMMUNITY" icons.

2) Volunteers, implementers & hackers! Who all seem to use an "XO" icon when putting themselves on the map.

This will certainly evolve. Please help us do exactly that -- fine-tune these traditions -- by joining our MAPTIVIST discussion list below, fighting for (LOVE) of prying open kids' opportunities everywhere :)