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As part of his plan for de-occupation of Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia, to reverse the process of Russian annexation, and peacefully reintegrate them into Georgia's overall society, the President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, is promising a "President's Gift" to the residents of these areas - English language classes and XO laptops for every first-grade schoolchild.

President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili

According to Civil.ge, President Saakashvili held an XO in his hand and declared it part of a "linguistic and computer revolution" plan.

In what I think is a fun joke at the Russain's expense, he followed up by saying:

"As part of our new strategy we are offering Russian occupying force... that we will bring these [mini-laptops] on the condition that there will be international control so that to prevent them [referring to Russian forces] from throwing them [mini-laptops] at each other or throwing them back to us

And apparently, he's ready to spend the millions of dollars it would take to have a One Laptop Per Georgian Child program. Good luck to him - he'll need it in dealing with the Russians.


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The post is misleading. The link is mainly talking about Georgian education as such, and says that the X0 are going to be for all first graders. The idea of giving them to South Ossetians is only thrown in at the end.

South Ossetia is getting XO laptops:

1. If you read more about the "President's Gift" initiative, you'll see it focuses on the areas of Georgia that Russia occupies.

2. Saakashvili specifically talks about the Russian army when referring the XO program

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