Would a G1G1 Fail in 2009?


While One Laptop Per Child only has XO laptop donations on Amazon, some of us yearn for years past when the Give One Get One programs brought geek joy to children and adults across the land.

Jon really wants a G1G1 XO-1.5 Christmas, but I wonder if even that could recapture the magic. Technology has progressed since 2007. Netbooks are now high sellers on Amazon.com and we even have new light operating systems for them like:

So what do you think? Would a G1G1 fail in 2009?

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Yes; I would buy a Litl instead if I hadn't already bought one during the original g1g1.

If they sold the XO 1.5 hardware with dual-boot RedHat it might fare better than G1G1 2008 at least. On the other hand, the Nook has been rooted:


From the article "The Nook is now a computer running a full Android operating system, with a built-in, free cellular connection to the internet. It also has a battery that lasts days, not hours. Now are you getting excited? This could turn into the Roomba of e-readers, only it won’t suck."

It would fail.
OLPC has no momentum left, and just where would these give-1's be going anyway?

Does this program (G1G1) cost a lot to run? If it doesn't, what's the downside? I missed the last G1G1 drive, so I'd definitely be interested, particularly regarding the newer XO 1.5.

Just look at the selling price of XO's on eBay this month and tell me there is not a demand.

Sorry, but isn't this the wrong question to be asking?
A better question would be "Would another G1G1 offer be helpful to the OLPC global efforts"
We are supposed to be doing this for developing countries, after all.
So the first part of the answer should address the need for more gifted laptops and how that would help kick start large scale deployments.

I am definately interested in the G1G1!

I'm a tech person but also I'm interested in how the program is helping children around the world and would like to contribute.

The quality of the laptop is not so important, I have several laptops already and dont expect this one to compete in the same way.

I'm more interested in getting the same laptop that the children are using, to be better informed about the program, and possibly contribute ideas from an IT perspective.

I'm hoping you'll reinstate G1G1.

I too bought one in the first month frenzy of G1G1 - It was green and cool and I couldn't type on it ....

I could see where the mesh would be useful - and I have wireless broadband ....

So I put it back in the box with all the original packing and docs

I imagine my granddaughter will find it in the attic when I'm dead and buried and sell it on ebay to buy the latest netbook or whatever evolution will exist then.

It was still a good idea.

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