New Year's Eve OLPC Party-Time with Max Headroom


While its New Year's Eve to us, moments away from 2007, for the OLPC Children's Machine XO its time to remember the 80's. Specifically, Max Headroom, the '80s icon, cyberpunk legend and advertising avatar. And what does Max say?

W-W-Welcome to Max Headroom on Gnash!
That's right, camera-quick Quinn has captured a photo of Max running on the One Laptop Per Child via Gnash, the GNU Flash movie player.

Now children in the developing world can watch the latest Flash movies, from JibJab comedies to Brain Pop edu-toons on the OLPC XO-1. Or as Walter Bender says in this week's Laptop News:

With a working Flash tool-chain, it will be very easy to script new applications and small games; and many early education tools designed to be cross-platform by working in flash will become available to us. Rob [Savoye] is taking on new staff and looking for interface developers; he wants to give Ming a GUI and to set up a cross-compiling environment for OLPC to help future work

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