OLPC Madagasgar Photo of the Week: Lova Soa School


These are happy children at Sekoly Lova Soa (Lova Soa School) in Ambatoharanana, Madagascar. They're using use the Speak activity thanks to OLPCorps Ampitso: American college students Mary Yanik (University of Maryland), Kate Doyle (George Washington University), Michael Buckwald (GWU), and Sean Robinson (GWU).

They deployed 100 laptops to students of Lova Soa, a primary school run by the Madagascar School Project, a Canadian nonprofit that builds and staffs primary schools in rural Madagascar.

As a bonus, here's a video of OLPCorps Ampisto handing out XO laptops on the first day of usage:


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Thanks for featuring us, Wayan! We're happy to answer any questions regarding the deployment and our experience.

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