Michail Bletsas on One Laptop Per Child Technology


Do you remember using old-school IRC chat rooms? Well Michail Bletsas does, and he tells us how that has become Chat on the XO in this second OLPC interview by Robert Scoble. He also gives us a good idea of how many XO laptops are connected to the Internet - about half.

Michail does go off on tangents, but I personally love his last point"
"More than 2.5 years after its inception, [the XO] is still the lowest powered laptop out there. And we want to improve that by a factor of 2."
Goals like that are why the XO-1 is still clock-stopping hot!

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I really love the power charging options they demoed.

The $10 Watt solar panel that chargers in >4 hours is a real good option too. You could use that with a spare battery ($10) and do not even have to quit working.

I have know field workers who relied on setups like that to work in remote villages (as in 3 days travel by foot and boat to a road or electricity)

2 Watts operating power would indeed be marvelous. You could simply mount a spare battery on a bicycle and engage the charger when going down hill or with the wind ;-)


Please correct the Man's name....

It's BLETSAS not blestas !!!!!!!!!!!

Woops! That's what I get from copying names off Scoble's site without checking them first.