XO-1.75 Laptop Innovation: OLPC Goes ARM and Touchscreen!


XO-1.75 laptop A1 bare circuit board with ARM processor

Edward McNierney, chief technology officer of One Laptop Per Child showed off the XO-1.75 XO laptop at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, according to ComputerWorld. The XO-1.75 has two innovations:

  1. The XO-1.75 is the first OLPC laptop to use ARM chips, an 1GHz Armada 610 chip from Marvell Technology, reducing power consumption by half - to just 2-watts
  2. The XO-1.75 will have a 8.9-inch touchscreen, so children can use their fingers instead of a jumpy mouse or delicate keyboard to interact with the XO

Of the two innovations, the ARM processor may be the most innovative. With Negroponte rightly predicting that Microsoft would put Windows on ARM, OLPC is just ahead of the coming power curve where low-power ARM laptops will become mainstream.


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The part with Microsoft and Arm is just laudable. Do anybody in this project still believe that this compagny is trying to help?
Can they give us an example of a real help that they provided? for someone outside of the project it seems that they just have been able to delay the project and never help it.
Linux and the opensource movement has been the only real driver behind this and I am amazed to read this sort of comment and never never any thanks to the real contributors to the project.
The bad guy is mort important than the good one...

This should have been the version 1.0.

How do they plan on having such different man machine interface between the version 1.0 (which has the most distribution worldwide) and this one?

Some of your infos are wrong. See my video from CES http://armdevices.net/2011/01/09/olpc-xo-1-75-arm-marvell-armada-610-version-of-the-xo-laptop/

Not 8.9, still 7.5, not touch..

Are you sure Charbax ? I read at many places that the 1.75 will get a touchscreen to allows an intuitive input besides the mouse :(

WOuld be great if this could be confirmed - since this will definately increase the usage of the convertible function of the screen. At least let's hope that it will be implented in the final version midd 2011...

Charbax is correct.
Here it is from the horse's mouth too.

Sorry Charbax, can't find the announcement :(

Perhaps I overread it - but I couldn't find the part where they deny a touchscreen. They just say, that the version which is not-equipped with such one will be cheaper and therefore more in the price range of 165$. Perhaps the equipped version could just be the tablet-modell, but we can't be sure if there isn't a plan to attach one beside the standards 1.75 as well :)

On the otherhand - the 7.5" screen is a little dissapointing. Let's see how it rolls out...

Only the PCB changed.


"In 2010, OLPC started development of a laptop based around an ARM processor, in order to finally reach an operating power low enough to allow a full day of operation from a single battery charge, as well as better operation from solar and human energy sources. This refresh (Gen 1.75) continues to use the same industrial design, display, and batteries as Gen 1."