Pixel Qi display is now available as a DIY kit


Pixel Qi, the display company started by Mary Lou Jepsen who had previously designed the XO's display which we all know and love, has just announced that their 10.1" 3Qi display is now available as a DIY kit:

This author definitely wants one!!
MAKE and Pixel Qi announced today the availability of a revolutionary LCD display technology from Pixel Qi-the 3Qi display. This one-of-a-kind, plug-and-play 10.1-inch display offers two modes-an easy-to-read, real color, multi-media mode or a crisp, low power e-reader mode. Indeed, the sunlight-ready, e-reader mode makes it easy to use outdoors.

The DIY kit is now available for $275 via Maker Shed which is an DIY online-store associated with the well known MAKE magazine.

Before you order the display and start ripping apart your current netbook in anticipation please do note that Pixel Qi currently only guarantees compatibility with the Samsung N130 and Lenovo S10-2 netbooks:

Although they do work in other models, we can only guarantee compatibility on those 2 specific netbooks. We are testing other models, and will update the list as needed.

Now if only I had a Samsung N130 or Lenovo S10-2 netbook... Plus I can't wait until these displays actually start showing up in products as a default option.

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I want!!

Mary Lou says that the first batch of screens sold out already - the first day! She's shipping more to Make for those of us not quick enough to order.

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